The Fiedlers

For years, our team has consistently been recognized for outstanding sales production and real estate expertise. Working for the premier brokerage firm, Re/Max Estate Properties, we have combined our talents and skills, maintaining a sterling reputation for hard work, honesty, integrity and results not only among our clients, but our colleagues as well.  We never have and never will create unrealistic expectations with our clients for the express purpose of taking listings. Our consistent success and great reputation have earned us the unique distinction of being listed among the top 1% of the nation’s real estate agents, year after year.

Barbara, Marc, Sharon and Seth make up the Fiedler team. Barbara has sold real estate in Beverlywood for over 30 years and has done it so successfully that her name has become synonymous with the neighborhood. Say “Beverlywood” and that is the first name the neighbors think of. Marc has practiced real estate for over 20 years and has combined his background in accounting and law with his negotiating skills and extensive experience with remodeling and renovation of single-family homes and income property. Sharon is a licensed real estate broker. She is a former litigator with the law firm of Greenberg Glusker, with a J.D. from the University of California, Davis. She has in-depth knowledge of contract law and creative deal structuring. Seth is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara and is fluent in residential construction, planning, development, and Mandarin Chinese.

As residents of the Westside for more than 35 years, we have an intimate working knowledge of the area. We specialize in Beverlywood and its adjacent areas, Cheviot Hills, Rancho Park, Westwood, Beverly Hills and Carthay Circle.

What Makes Us Different

Our experience and broad skills make us great agents but our service is what makes us successful. First, our team works four times as hard. After all, there are four of us. Our combined talents and backgrounds provide a level of service that is unequaled in the community. With four agents working for each client, our ability to deliver attentive service cannot be matched by single agents or smaller teams. One of us is available to our clients at all times. Moreover, we employ several administrative assistants to help us with scheduling, marketing and paperwork, leaving us free to do what our clients expect: to sell houses!

Second, we do our homework and we know our business. With over fifty years of combined experience, we have an encyclopedic knowledge of inventory and to the delight of many buyers and sellers, a history of many homes in their neighborhoods. Our knowledge and experience, coupled with preparation, enable us to expertly price and time the sale of homes to produce the best results for our clients. We keep abreast of the daily changes in the marketplace as we are committed to a thorough understanding of it. Our legal background and familiarity with all aspects of real estate sales has prepared us well for negotiations and we are able to offer our clients insight into the important subtleties of a real estate transaction, including contractual obligations and risk management.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we operate our business the way we would expect to be treated if we were the client. We assume that issues that matter to us, such as communication, honesty, and experience also matter to our clients and to you. To that end, we stay in close communication with our clients during all aspects of the real estate transaction and loathe creating false expectations. We strive to make each transaction exciting and worry-free.

Why This is Important to You

Because our team consists of three agents, one broker and several assistants, we have time to deliver incredibly personalized service to our clients. One of us is personally available to our clients at all times. The size of our team also allows us to personally show all of our own properties instead of using assistants. It also allows us to spend more time on each client whether it be marketing a property or finding a buyer’s dream home.

Second, with over half-a-decade of combined experience working in real estate, we know our business inside and out. Our clients benefit from this knowledge, our relationships with other agents, other clients, the community, and the many agencies involved in the real estate industry. We have been through a myriad of markets and worked through nearly every issue that could arise during the purchase or sale of a home. This experience has made our team experts in pricing and timing the sale of a home to produce the best results for our clients. We are prepared for any problems that may arise and know how to resolve them quickly and smoothly. We handle all situations that may arise with mortgage bankers, escrow officers, appraisers, underwriters, inspectors and other agents during the entire escrow period.

Moreover, our business and law backgrounds translate into an in-depth working knowledge of real estate contracts. We have a passion for protecting the interests of our clients and our superior negotiating skills ensure that the goals of our clients are never compromised. Our clients benefit from our extensive base of relationships with lenders, contractors, repairmen and any other service our clients might need. Our team’s hands-on experience with remodeling and residential construction allows us to not only advise our clients during the process, but to provide them with contractors, builders, electricians, decorators, roofers, and virtually any type of assistance they may need.

We love what we do and approach each new client and property with enthusiasm and excitement. The next time you or anyone you know requires real estate assistance, think “The Fiedlers.” See what our team can mean to your purchase or sale. Our service is full service. We do your home work.